Building a Planet Episode

In my latest podcast I spoke about what it look likes for me when I’m trying to create a different world.

My Continents Form. This helps me to get started in the thinking process when creating a new planet

There’s a lot of things to consider. Everything from the size of the planet to the size of their government. I have spent years working on the world that I’m creating, and I’m not just talking about Torg. Now, I’ve done a lot of research about the best way to go about these types of things and have come to the conclusion that everyone has their own process. Whatever works for you, right? For me, I based the planet on the people I wanted to inhabit it and the relationship I saw between them.

For Torg, I pictured three native humanoid beings that were Torgaian. The relationship between the three humanoids had a major part in how I pictured the world in the beginning. I wanted there to be a major conflict between them. I wanted them to each be unique, to be physically different than each other.

So for this post’s sake, let’s call them Thing 1, Thing 2, and the ever elusive Thing 3. Dr. Seuss never told you about that one. There’s a reason.

Thing 3 is what I like to call a “vanilla human”. They are your everyday kind of being. If they were on earth, you would think they were a unique blend of races and call it a day. Thing 2, on the other hand, is reptilian. While they are not inherently magical, they do possess sparks of magic within them. With that, they also hold other abilities, such as strength and extreme endurance, as well as multiple unique possibilities with each race within the species of Thing 2. And then we have Thing 1. Thing 1 is engulfed in magic. Most of them cannot control it in a sense that allows them to harness it such as a witch or wizard can but they find ways to use the magic within. Thing 1 also has a blue-ish to a pale violet tone to their skin. Their hair is naturally more cool colors. Generally blue, violet, pale pink, or sometimes blue greens, even the popular violet-grey.

What makes Thing 3 different and dangerous in comparison to Things 2 & 3?

Their lack of abilities.

They know that they are the weakest of the three, and if they allowed things to just progress naturally, they would probably be extinct before too long. So a group of tyrannical Thing 3s join forces and decide to turn the tables. But it takes cunning, and that is about the only thing Thing 3 has that the other two don’t.

Part of my species list

That was where the story for Torg began. And from that point, I have been building the world in which Things 1,2, and 3 would live. But there’s so much more to it. The terrain of the planet had to be put into question. The atmosphere. The religions, the location of their home continents. I mean, if Thing 2 is reptilian, it stands to reason that Thing 2 would be home to a warmer climate, a drier climate.

It’s a rabbit hole like none you’ve ever seen. You create these worlds in your mind until they can no longer fit in the space you gave them, and then you put it on paper, either by writing out their story, making cheat sheets, or detailing everything in sheets and charts.

The beginning of my Planet table

So much goes into the process, and my podcast is simply a way for me to ramble through thoughts and ideas, to share things with others that I would otherwise not be able to share. It’s a passion that I have. And no matter the future or what that looks like for me, I will continue to work through every speed bump to find an answer.

I love writing. And maybe I’m not that good at it. Perhaps anyone could read my works and think “what in the world is this woman thinking?!” but that’s okay. I’m fine with the opinion of others. Yes, I long for others to enjoy my writing as much as I do, and yes I would love to hear that someone was entertained by my rambling podcasts. But that’s not why I do this.

I do this because I want to be someone else’s muse. I want to be the person that convinces Joe down the street (yes, I may possibly be talking about my friend, Joe) that he, too, can put his thoughts and ideas down on paper. I hope I will be. I hope I will be able to convince others, through my actions, that they can do anything if they decide to put themselves out there.

You can listen to my podcast on several platforms, from Apple and Google Podcast to Spotify and many others. Just search for “Writing With Wine” by Janet Davis and allow yourself to be entertained by my good whit and charm. And possibly my wine consumption (I mean… it does have “wine” in the title. Duh!).

A list I made to allow myself a quick overview of pertinent information about characters as well as any areas I may still need to refine for the character.